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New York

Starwurst is the maker of sustainably-made Swiss style sausage bratwurst.


Winner of the Best Brat” People’s Choice Award

at Oktoberfeast 2014!


Traditionally, Swiss bratwurst is served with a yeasty, crusty hard roll called a burli, some spicy mustard and enjoyed with a crisp pilsner or kolsch beer. 

Starwurst brings the authentic flavor and texture of Swiss bratwurst to food markets and festivals in New York City.

Starwurst was created by a Swiss native who was home sick for the authentic flavor of bratwurst she had grown up with in her hometown of Zurich. Unable to find the quality of sausage she was used to having in Switzerland, she set out to find a butcher and make them here in the United States.

Starwurst is made after the tradition of the St. Galler Bratwurst from the St. Gallen region of Switzerland where this style of sausage has been made for over 400 years.

In 2007 St. Galler Kalbsbratwurst was awarded IGP Indication Géographique Protégée, Protected Geographical Indication status. St. Galler bratwurst is considered the nations favorite sausage and is typical street food, which can be found throughout Switzerland.

Not to be confused with German style bratwurst that are made with ground pork and are uncooked, Starwurst is an emulsified sausage made with beef and pork, seasoned with a combination of spices including nutmeg and cardamom to name a few. The resulting product is put into natural pork casings and the sausages are then steamed, and finally, grilled before serving.  **Allergy warning: Starwurst are made with milk and eggs

Starwurst is made using certified humanely raised beef and pork from Pennsylvania farms. 

Bratwurst connoisseurs recommend eating the sausage by hand and dipping into a little mustard. All you need with it is some bread, ideally a traditional "Bürli" roll.

Enjoy a Starwurst with a pilsner or a kolsch, and taste the Swissness.